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E3 is HERE...

A new XBox One is on the way! Check it out at the MS conference. 1TB HDD with Halo 5 and a new controller as well. The price could be worked on but what can I say. We are stuck as it were I guess. Things are looking good for MS. AND.. Sony will have some surprises as well. And don't forget about Nintendo, they look to have a good convention! Have fun and let's GAME!!

My NEW replacement gaming site listed below is now: so there you have it come and check it out, lots of new gaming video to be sure. Check out the NEW Batman footage!.. See you there!

If you haven't done so head on over to YouTube to check out the Star Wars Celebration LIVE streaming! There's also replays of what has been going on.. All I can say is if you haven't seen the New Teaser, well you're missing out.. Take care and go have some FUN!! CousinFizz is out there! (Oh, BTW, HERE's the Teaser #2)

Early reports of Joe Montana Football are coming in! Oh, wow, this is great news because they are talking about total customization on the PC and consoles.. If this is for real then it's time to have some FUN again. I've been on a few hangouts and some forums and when this comes up all kinds of great stuff is shared. I had to come on over since I've been away for a while and mention it. Here's the latest hangout I was on: Data It was a good time just thinking about the possibilities and all that could be in the offing. Check it out.. Hey Joe, we are with you on this one! It's time that the consumer gets a great football game! (Way past due!) Come on now, BRING IT ON!

                                           Stream and watch the show here..  And as always have FUN!!.... Fizz is out there....

                                                                                         Star Wars VII? Not really, But.. Click Here

I'm saving some money tonight! If you're online with your Xbox 360 or your PS3 the update for SF4 or SF4 Arcade Edition called 'Ultra' is available.. it will be released in Aug as a stand alone game but right now instead of $40 you can get the upgrade for $15. It's got alot of add-ons as well.. New fighters, backgrounds and costumes (and more) all in there bringing the fighter count to 44 from what I was reading.. So if you want to go again, the Street fighter route, you can't do much better than this. And btw, it has mixed reviews. As for me all I can say is, BRING IT!! (ps3 review HERE)


                                                                                                       Make some money with THIS !

 Who says nobody saw this coming from a mile away?.. XBox One $399.. yippie, Here is the article.. E3 is Near.. Meanwhile go watch the new X-Men movie. I'm sure you will like it.. Cousinfizz is out there..

  After  yesterday's intry about M$ and why they can't hold a candle to Sony and the PS4, I find out about a huge leak from the boys at the big S.. MS, your NOT invited to the party to say the least! HERE (I would have to say, turn out the lights the party is Over.. might was well enjoy the FUN.. I'm done dealing with MS.. Cousinfizz is out there!...

  Well, well.. here we are again, E3 is right around the corner! And low and behold there's Xbox One.. oh boy. They are still crying after last years debacle. Hey did we have anything to do with that? No! They're going to tell us now that they are the ones to check out becasuse now they have it all together.. really? Come on, I have to sit through another boring meeting where you explain to us, the gamer, that we need you? Ahh, I don't think so. Sure the system seems to be hanging in there but the PS4 is selling out and has sold out most every where. Not so with you MS.. we sat through last years travisty and now you want to make it right? Oh, you're going to tell us how things are going to go for the next few years and now you're our best buddies? Come on MS, why didn't you listen to us, the gamers, last time? We were telling you loud and clear that we didn't want what you had to offer. You had to have heard us because you changed your tune after the PS4 left you in the dust and now you come to us hoping we'll listen this time.. You know, I don't think we are going to because we have already gone out and took care of business the way we wanted, otherwise you wouldn't be doing this.. Yes, we bought a PS3 or 4 just to stay away from you so what makes you think that now anythiing is going to change? Stop whinning and man up! Get over yourself and maybe somewhere down the road you'll win us back. (don't think so) But for now we will all be over at the Sony camp checking out the new games! We don't have time for you MS, we are to busy playing with the PS3 and 4 and having a great time with the games that are available and the ones that are coming up.. Bye.. (you should have listened, I don't know what to tell you) Cousinfizz is out there... HERE  (You know, I think there has to be something said about the customer here! They know what they want and as for people that are in buisness, you need to listen to them. They are always right and if you want to get paid, well I think I've said enough. Some of us have learned the hard way and wanted to run the show and now are still nursing their wounds.. To bad too.. take care!) See you at E3...

Have you tried to go to It can't be done, at least not during the day because the cast of SW VII has be anounced! Here's a link from Yahoo News that has a pic of the cast sitting around with JJ talking.. Anyway, they start shooting in a couple of weeks.. Let's do it RIGHT this time! CousinFizz is out there....


According to The New York Times:

On Friday, Walmart and Best Buy began offering a bundle of Microsoft’s Xbox One and Titanfall, a high-profile science fiction shooter game, for $450, a $50 cut from the combined price of the separate items. The new price becomes visible online only after you place the bundle in your online shopping cart and log in to the sites. The price cut also applies to the bundle in Walmart and Best Buy’s physical stores.

Hmm.. didn't I say something like this just a few months ago would happen? Well, well, I think that MS is listening since we are not opening our wallets like they thought we would. Go figure.. it's not rocker science here.. I wonder if they will get any more clues? wow.. cya..


Attention!! >>> Hello, hello.. everyone! I hope gaming has you busy! I on the other hand have been very busy going through some changes. Working alot on the web and such.. What has happened is I'm on FaceBook now. And on top of that I've got some surprises in store for the next month here, so stay tuned! Anyway I thought I'd stop by and let you know because I've been working on a new website! (check it out on this page at the top right) Sound good? Well, let's get geared up for this thing and go have some fun.. Take care and I'll be talking to you soon! E3 is right around the corner! Can you say NEW games on the way? 'Cousinfizz is out there...

Well I said it below and yes, MS confirms it.. why wait until now? I guess MS wanted to upset everyone, was it necessary? I don't think so!

>>An internet connection will not be required to play offline Xbox One games..After a one-time system set-up with a new Xbox One, you can play any disc based game without ever connecting online again. There is no 24 hour connection requirement and you can take your Xbox One anywhere you want and play your games, just like on Xbox 360.Trade-in, lend, resell, gift, and rent disc based games just like you do today. There will be no limitations to using and sharing games, it will work just as it does today on Xbox 360... This is not a surprise like everyone is saying! Are you kidding, they would lose their shirts if they didn't take action now!.. Fizz

E3 is here and all I can say is the XBOX One team had it together! I'm not understanding what happened to Sony but they had better do something to impress because I wasn't.. anyway you deside.. HERE Sony won the show anyway.

However, if MS thinks they will be #1 out there in the real world they better think again. If you have to stay online 24/7 and or login every 24 hours and then can't trade games, well, it's all over for them! MS, I'm only going to tell you thins once! GET IT RIGHT!! Just step back and think about what you are doing. Sure you'll have gamers but not like you would have had if you had only gotten this right. And oh, BTW, get the price right too. Ah, in case you haven't heard, Sony's PS4 is $100 less. To me that's not a big deal but you need to compete! You've got to get everything else right wheather you get the price right or not!! That's my 2 cents.. I'm out..

 Now the latest BUZZ is that both systems have the capability to charge a fee for their (3rd party) used games or games being used again.. MS may have a change of heart really soon, so look for it. EA on the other hand WILL most likley charge a fee to reuse one of their games regardless of the system.. Don't we just love EA? Hang in there it's not over yet! Hey MS, while you're at it CUT your price by $100.. who can we trust?

So ok, what happened to Nintendo? HERE Where was the news conference? There wasn't one all there was was the games and from what I've heard the video on them on the floor was terrible. I've seen the good video and the games do look good but to not have a conference is not good no matter who you are. I guess since they didn't have a new system they felt they didn't want to spend the money, BAD move to say the least..

So who won the conference? I think we all know the answer to that but having said that everyone one in the industry need not worry because they're going to make the big bucs! If you think they won't well then think again!

The REAL WINNER here is YOU and I, the consumer is the WINNER! We get to play these games and systems and even with all that's comin' down WE get to see what's going to happen and if worse comes to worse we'll be there BUT all is NOT lost! WE are the WINNERS and let no one tell you differently! Have a great time and have FUN!!.. What a great time to be a gamer!.. Fizz..

XBOX ONE is on the way!

^ click it ^ 

Ok, with the cat out of the bag about the new PS4 I've been looking around as to what this new console in the works will do and the bottom line is this: (from Sony) Will my PSN purchases on the PS3 carry over to the PS4? Sony announced several visionary ideas about how the PlayStation Network will power the PS4 era last night, but it’s not going to help people who have invested a lot in their current system. Both PSN purchases and saved games on the PS3 (even in the cloud, apparently) will not transfer to the new console. That’s due largely to the vastly different system architectures, which is also why your PS3 game collection won’t be playable on the PS4, either.

Come on Sony what gives? You know what we want so give us the goods.. We want to play the old games and we don't want you telling us to get an old system. Both MS and you tell us this and we really don't care.

And now the XBox 720 won't be able to play used games either, No Used Games?
There are also persistent rumors that the new console won’t allow you to play used games. Games won’t play unless you can match a new game CD to a one-use-only game code. That would put an end to the highly lucrative Xbox game resale market and even limit sharing amongst friends. That would be a really bold move from Microsoft, and I can’t quite believe they’d risk angering that many fans, but business is business, so we’ll just have to wait and see.
Looks like I won't be buying any new consoles for a while until they, Sony and M$ get this worked out, and believe me when they see that people aren't buying their wares like they would like they WILL change their tune..

Did you see that? CES article.. This is AWESOME! HERE 

CES is upon us once again.. HERE

Ok, here's a wreck begging to happen! HERE   ALSO Nvidia announces ‘Shield’ gaming system, HERE

ALSO Your old Super Nintendo cartridges are at risk, HERE

If you don't know about this well now's your chance! Get on over there and play some games online for well, free. Not sure if it's entirely free, they say it is, but it sounds good to me. Gotta check it out for myself too.. Here you go! It's out of the UK but the service is global and it runs on ANY new console!, cya.. The Fizz is out there! <cf> 

College Spring Football scrimmages comes the new game NCAA Football 25 with the New Cover! I've watched alot of video on this one and I like it. I've downloaded the' demo' it plays good but it's a demo and with that you get alot of 'bugs' to say the least, so be aware of it..

 > This just in... HALO 5 is on the Way!<

Also, if your tired of paying eBay fees and getting the RUN AROUND from paypal, like I am, you can go to this NEW auction site and get setup, I have. They only charge a general fee of 2% on the price of the item your selling, NO other fees!. And you also have the option to use Google check-out, which I'm using as well. So unless you're really big on eBay give it a go, I'm not their spokes person or anything like that I'm just passing the info along. 

And since I've joined the link just below here they are growing pretty well. It's interesting what they are doing too. Give it a try and get paid for what you're already doing on the internet, browsing, buying items and trying new programs and services, that's what I already do anyway. Let the advertisers pay you, why not? See you out there..

With summer on the way things really slow down now although there are a few sports games coming out and of course Gears 3 right around the corner... have fun and I'll cya out there... 

Want a good round-up for everything that happened at E3 this year? Well this is the best I found out there,,, enjoy and good gaming!  HERE


After 5 XBox 360's I've gotten my hands on a 360 Jasper! And I'm glad I have. The system you'll notice right away is that it's quiet! And hopefully for the long haul it will hold up. The 3RROD problem hopefully is a thing of the past. It's in the new Arcade package and comes with a game and an Arcade Disc as well as having HDMI and a wireless controller and 256k of memory onboard... So Xbox 360 fans (like me) Unite! Hopefully we can game for a good long time! Check to see the difference HERE. And what to look for when it comes to the system package HERE. I've seen the Arcade package as low as $169 these past few days so look around! See you later and happy gaming everyone! Fizz  

Also, I've gone ahead and bought a 'Magic Jack'... For those of you out there that don't know what that is, it's just Voice Over your IP or internet. Vonage gets something like $25 for it a month but, all I spent was $55 and that includes an $11, 2 year warranty from 'Radio Shack' where if you have any problems whatsover they will give you another Jack on the spot no questions asked. And the other, it includes the fist years service of $20. Sweet deal. The problems are varied as well. Mine was dead when I got it and I exchanged it no problem. Then the new one wouldn't recieve or make calls. The problem after trying different things was you can't leave it in the computer while rebooting. After you reboot then reinstall it and it comes right up and 'Ready to Use'. You have to use their area code and number each time you call someone. You must remember that. Also, make sure you get the upgrade from the 'Fix' Tab just above the SEND button or it may not work at all. BUT for what it is and for what it does and for what it costs, it's great! Works like a charm and you can stay on as long as you like! And the sound is fine...

One thing before getting one though. You might NOT want to buy one from the company itself because their customer service is lacking to say the least! (Hello Radio Shack) You'll get a number in any area code that you like and you're off and running. Now you know...


You were wondering where I was? I was offline for a while tring to get things worked out with my internet provider and couldn't get it to work out at all... way to go Verizon! Another reason why I think that Verizon is the worst ever! There just isn't any customer service whatsoever. To bad too because they do have a good HD service, they won't however tell you you need to rewire your house to get the best quality for what you need. In my case Dish Network came out to the house and found out that I had R-9 cable. Now this technology is over 15 years old and all I was having was problem after problem. (I wonder why? hmm)   To say the least with the Dish Network setup now I have no problems at all. Hey Verizon, why sell a Ferrari without the tires? I don't understand that logic at all! I was never given an option with them and found out later they wanted $59 a TV for the recable. But with the Dish Network it was FREE... So now I'm on Road Runner and Dish and am quite happy. So here we go I got some goodies for you.


PS3 vs Wii.... rated PG-13 yet very funny, Apple style!


MAKE SOME MONEY LETTING YOUR COMPUTER SURF THE WEB WHEN YOUR NOT USING IT. Or if you use your computer the sites will rotate but you'll still make money. Start at .45 cents up to .75 cents an hour + more... sign-up FREE here...


Demo's and info go HERE!!


My eBay sells site has been up for a while so I thought I'd go ahead and post it here for those interested... (video games are up for sale from time to time)

ATTENTION!!  What's being sold on eBay is here for FREE!! All you need to do is load and burn and it's perfectly legal. Afterall it's on the XBox live website for you. Play some of your XBox games on your XBox 360 and see some inprovement. Remember though, it doesn't play all the older games but MS is working on that. Go to the link and install the emulation software on your 360 after you burn it to disk... enjoy!

XBOX 360 HACKS? Ok, here you go: Enjoy...


I finally came across this great DVD burning software. It's called Cheetah and you can check it out here:

Get the latest information on HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray technology here! GOODBYE HD-DVD... (Although you can still get them on the web either what's left or imported from overseas. I'm still buying them at a good discount and enjoying every minute!) UPDATE!! I Finally went ahead and bought a used BLU-RAY player a few weeks ago and I really like it. The picture is great and it's better than anything I've ever used in watching movies...




Are you tired of paying $60 for Xbox 360 and PS3 games? Well, you don't have to anymore. Take $20 off 'some' of the games at this site. They are Asian games but they are NEW and are Region Free! So you can play them on your system. As long as the game was made for your particular system of course. (They carry other games as well.) This site is way cool too! Play Asia, Video games and more!



PlayStation 2 Disc Read Error Fix
written by Robert Heron on Monday, September 15, 2003

Don't throw away your PS2. Fix those errors with these simple steps.

About a month ago, I noticed that my aging PS2 would no longer read DVD video and audio CD discs. I tried using a laser-lens cleaning disc as well as upgrading my DVD software, but my PS2 continued to report the dreaded "disc read error." With PS2 repair jobs costing about as much as a new unit, I was determined to find a (hopefully free) fix.

After scouring countless online sources and finding little useful information, I came across a message board posting that suggested the problem may be related to an internal adjustment gone awry. The result is that the disc read errors (DREs) are gone, and my PS2 is now as snappy as the day I pulled it out of its pretty blue box. If a once-working PS2 has suddenly developed a case of the DREs, there is a good chance it can be fixed.

Achtung baby!

Disclaimer: While I have tried to make this guide as accurate and concise as possible, I take no responsibility for any damage you may cause. In addition, any alterations to your PS2 may void your warranty. Proceed at your own risk.

What you need...

Before attempting the fix described below, read through this guide completely in order to familiarize yourself with the steps involved. Once that is done, gather the following items.

Standard Phillips screwdriver
#0 Phillips screwdriver (or eyeglass-sized)
Cotton swabs
Isopropyl rubbing alcohol
Felt-tip pen or marker

Optional cleaning tools.
Vacuum and Can of compressed air

PS2 Tip No. 1: It's best to use a vacuum for cleaning the dust from electronic devices. Wiping the surface or dusting with compressed air may force contaminants inside of the device, making things worse.

Screws and stickers

Before you do anything, disconnect the PS2's power and video connections. On the bottom of the PS2 are 10 square-shaped screw covers. Four of these double as rubber feet for the PS2 (when the device is laying flat.) Remove these covers to access and remove the screws. Some of the screws will be longer/shorter than the others so keep track of what goes where.

Removing the case

Once you've removed the screws, it's time to break the seal and completely void whatever warranty you may have had. Seriously, there is a "warranty seal" sticker near the PS2's power connector that must be removed in order to gain entrance to the innards of the beast. With the screws removed and the warranty sticker "void," gently turn the PS2 right side up. Carefully remove the top cover by lifting the back edge and pulling it toward the front of the unit until it clears the controller jacks as well as the front of the disc tray. You'll notice a metallic ribbon or white wires (depending on your PS2's age) connecting the main base to the eject/play buttons on the top cover. Remove the tape that normally holds this wire in place and set the top cover off to the side. Don't try to disconnect the ribbon/wires. There should be enough slack for the cover to lie off to the side. Before moving on to the disc tray cover, now is a good time to blow out the dust that has collected around the fan and main circuit board. A can of compressed air will do the job nicely.

PS2 Tip No. 2: Always operate a PS2 in its prone position.

PS2 vertically looks cool, but it seems to cause more problems than it's worth.With the PS2 splayed open, the disc tray cover removed, and the unit plugged in, eject the disc tray. Toward the back of the PS2, behind the laser, is a white gear about 0.75-inches in diameter. This gear adjusts the distance between the disc surface and the laser's eye. It's also the key to fixing a PS2 that frequently suffers from disc read errors (DREs.) On the left side of the white gear will be a notched metal tab or a smaller brass-colored gear. Use a felt-tip pen to mark the white gear at the point it contacts the tab/smaller gear. This provides a reference point for the original position of the gear as we prepare to make our adjustment(s). Now would be a good time to gently clean the laser's eye using a cotton swab dampened with a bit of rubbing alcohol. Adjusting the gear position in order to fix DREs involves the following steps.Turn the white gear a notch or two (clockwise or counterclockwise)
Replace disc cover (holding it in place with your hand)
Insert a DVD
If it works, insert a purple game disc
If it works, insert an audio CD
If all three work, you are finished.

If any of the disc types fail to be read follow these steps.
Eject the disc
Remove the disc tray cover
Move the gear a notch or two (perhaps in the other direction)
Replace disc cover (holding it in place with your hand)
Retest until all three disc types are properly detected

Once you have correctly positioned the gear and all disc types are reading properly, reassemble your PS2 and get gaming!This guide describes how to adjust the distance between the disc surface and laser pickup. I have read reports of DREs being caused by improper laser voltage levels, and this fix will do nothing for that type of problem. DREs caused by an incorrect gap between the laser and disc appear more common with early PS2 units, as they used a small spinning gear as the stop rather than the notched tab found in later models. Also, this fix will not remedy a disc-specific playback problem. My PS2 was among the first batch released in the United States, and I have since "upgraded" it with Sony's PlayStation 2 DVD remote that includes the V2.10 DVD software. I've noticed numerous playback issues have disappeared since applying this software upgrade.

If your PS2 doubles as your primary DVD player, Sony's remote/software is worth the $15 to $20. Unfortunately, it requires a sacrifice of just over 2MB on a memory card in order to store the update. I hope this helps... take care now.



Today, according to Title 17 of the United States Code, it is illegal to make or distribute copies of copyrighted material without authorization. The only exception is the user's right to make a single backup copy for archival purposes. Games or otherwise...



Do you want to see what people are saying about the next generation of video game consoles? Look over here:

And are you concerned about what the kids are playing or watching? It's all about the ratings these days! Check it here...






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