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Here it is...


This is the original "Knife Trick" method for the PS2 w/GS2 and AR2...

>Remember the name of the game here is to take your time. You don't
need to hurry at all. Slowww down and look at the machine while it
works, watch how it ejects the discs this will help you alot, believe me
it did me. It came to me once I watched the machine work. You gotta
get that tray door off first so take your time and read below a few
times then after the door is off watch the eject mechanism a couple of
times.....sloooooow down, take your time. :-)

This in no way alters the inside of your system and does NOT void
your warranty, therefore it is safer. You won't run the risk of ruining
your system either...and belive me alot of systems have bit the dust
because of messin' with the mod chip. But some haven't had any
problems at all it's just, "What do you want to do?" To each his own...

This is what can happen if you mod-chip!!

The "DVD region-X Disk" boots all CDrom based backups.(Some
DVDrip backups work with this disc but not all, up to 630.5mb...)

The "GameShark-2" (GS2) And "Action Replay2" (AR2) will boot
CD-rom based backups, and (some) DVDrip based backups but not all...


1. Power on your PS2.

2. Press the eject button.

3. Power off your PS2 (with the tray open).

4. Remove all leads...Power cords from wall!

5. Turn the PS2 upside down so you are looking at the underside
of the drive tray.

6. Examine the very front of the drive tray face, with the PS2 logo
on it. (It is just a "clip on" dust cover).

7. Locate the two small plasic clips/lips that hold the face in position.
((( On either SIDE of the Tray!)))

8. Very carefully remove the drive tray face. (Do not force it too much
or one of the clips will snap off.) Facing the tray they are on each
SIDE of the tray. (the clips) They are small square objects that DO
NOT REMOVE! The tray face slips out from the inside of them, VERY

9. Now put your PS2 back on it's right side up. Power it on
and then close the drive tray.


Power up!

Eject and tray opens, put GS2(GameShark-2, USA system) -or- AR2
(Action Replay2-pal-euro system)in the tray, then.......Let it load and
chose "select game" then chose "without codes". Hit the X button
and it will say, Click X, ((WAIT)) you must swap here first!!

1. Using a (flashlight) look underneath the drive tray, just off center
to the right. The small white plastic pin is the drive locking/moving pin.

2. Using your new home made swap tool (Others have it, I made mine),
locate the locking pin and VERY carefully and SLOWLY push it across
to the right. OR if you have it standing up, push it up! (The drive tray
will pop out slightly when the pin is in the correct position). Pull it out
by hand slowly.

3. Remove the swap tool and pull out the drive tray. (Dont be heavy
handed with it, be carefull your ps2 cost alot of money.)

4. You would now swap your "GS2" or "AR2" or "DVD region X Disc"
for your backup disc. (Look below for an UpDate on the
"DVD region-X Disc"!)

5. Now push the drive tray back into place. (Dont be heavy handed with it).

6. Now take your swap tool and locate the locking pin. (Remember its
now over to the right side.)(Or up above towards the top
of the PS2 if standing up.)

7. After locating the locking pin VERY carefully and SLOWLY pull it back
into place. (Back to the Left... the total movement of the pin is approx 1 inch.)
OR if the system is standing up, pull it down and hear the pin lock in. (Click!)

8. With the locking pin back into its correct position. (You should hear a
noise as the disc gets locked down.) Now remove the swap tool as
you have just completed a disk swap without your ps2 knowing it!

Hit the X key. (When loading the GameShark2 use "without codes" and hit
X key... (You can use codes once you are use to it.)))))))))

After a while you will be able to do the swap without looking.
Please be carefull at first until you know exactly what you are doing.

I have been using the swap tool and haven't had
any problems whatsoever. (I myself have a GS2 ver 1.9 and it works well!
Me,CousinFizz that is.)

Please do not shout/flame/email me with complaints if you damage your
ps2 following the above guide.


From a game player who wrote,,, ((GameShark2 version 1.6))

>I am sure you have quite a few people asking you questions about the
knife trick so I will tell you what I found out. With my version
1.6, you have to press R1 and O instead of X. If they
are pressed at the same time it will work. If they are not pressed
at the same time, it will take you to the main menu, but then
you go to start game and then with or without codes and do
it again. It is very easy to press them at the same time.
Just thought I would pass on some of the knowledge I received since
you have given me, and many others, a very good step by step
guide of the knife trick.

BOOT WITH DVD region-X Disc......................

Load the PS2 with the region-X disc. Let it boot up until you get to the numbered screen. (1 thru 6 on the screen.) Now do the "knife trick" when you have replaced the backup for the DVD region-X disc all you have to do is hit the START key and the backup will boot-up! Very easy and faster than the GS2 and AR2 discs. I use this the most...


>>Please disreguard this if you choose not to do this.
You are doing this at your own risk. It does get easy as you
do it over and over but the risk is at the first,
if you break the clips or are to forceful in moving the pin
it is not my reponsibility. The name of the game here is
moving very slowly. I've been doing it for FIVE months now
with no problems. Take care and be very careful....
If you need more help feel free to tag me back.

A << hint >> That will help up front. Use a flashlight and look
under the tray once you have the tray cover off,
look there where you can see the pin and close the tray
and watch the whole device move. You'll see how it
functions and will be able to figure it out easier rather than just
trying to wing it... Take your time that's important... In the future
if the pin breaks don't worry! You can just close it, it
will work. Or go into the machine and replace the hard palstic pin
or use a small screw that reaches over to the in drive tray.
(Where the pin rides in.) (But remember this voids your warranty.)


Include this on how to boot (PSX) backups on non modded ps2's

Booting the game:
1 - Boot up your PS2 with the GameShark 2/Action Replay 2 PSX Bonus CD (CD#2)Disc #2.

3 - Go to start game. Pick with or without codes.

4 - Now swap the GameShark 2/Action Replay 2 (PSX) bonus CD (2nd disc) with the game CD using the Knife/Pin or Cog swap.

5 - Hit X to load the game.


How to load the drivers for DVD region-X and other concerns...........

>>Ok this was a problem for me also BUT it all worked out in the end because it is very simple believe it or not. Here's what you do, continue to bother them, (Video Junkies) by calling NOT writting. In the mean time go back to their website and get the driver codes! They will be there under your serial number, disc number. Write or print them out. Now for the good part.

>Load the disk in your PS2 and shut the power completely OFF. Then bring it back up and let it load. Now click the SELECT button and it will take you to the menu where you enter the new drivers. This is tricky to do,,, You have to use the digital pad to input the code along with the "o" key. Pressing "up" on the digital pad and "o" at the same time put in the codes! This takes alot of practice but you can do it. Heck I did it and I'm, well we won't go into that Anyway put them in and this is the even BETTER part, you only put them in ONCE! Even though if you go back into that menu again and it's blank you do NOT have to put them in again. Don't do it your PS2 has saved them. So if you can go into your memory card at the begining and clear out any saved info on the DVD region-X Disc do it and start fresh. This will save your drivers to your card and each time your PS2 will pick it up when you use your system. (Now if there is still a problem then you have a bad Disc... I hope you don't!. But at least you will know for sure...) Take care all and here's to happy gaming! CFizz out.

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